Yest & Spoc discovered the other side of Kitchen Life made easy with this liquid wash…..

Yest & Spoc, a market research firm in Lagos Nigeria uncovered recently that Dish washing liquid has fast replaced powdered detergents as the preferred dish washing agent in the kitchens of Nigerian homes.

From time past, Morning fresh has and still is the most widely known dish wash brand in Nigeria with Mama Lemon and Sunlight following closely. Consequently, the story seems to be changing with the proliferation of the market by individual producers of unbranded dish wash.

Riding on its affordability and availability, unbranded dish wash is changing the face of the market. With proper management and investment, these innovation could be a source of increased GDP. Little repackaging and rebranding could project these unbranded dish wash products to unimaginably heights higher than the current market leader. To remain relevant, brands need to do more in areas of availability and affordability.

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