We at Yest & Spoc uncovered the consumer perceptions that: With an exception of kids, Only people on a diet should eat Cereal and get filled up,

Have you noticed that the introduction of Nestle golden morn in Sachet has added more people to its consumer base? Despite this innovation from Nestle, Nasco Cornflakes still dominates the Nigerian cereal market share especially in Kano and Lagos location. Nasco cornflakes is consumed more (40%) compared to Golden morn (37%) across Nigeria.

41% of consumers prefer to buy cereal in sachet which has led to a much higher awareness and usage especially within the mass market segment.

Yest & Spoc discovered that the other notable brands in this category includes Good morning and Kellogg’s cornflakes. Currently, we await the day where the Nigerian consumer embraces cereals in different flavor.

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