Wash Your Hands after Use; A Yest & Spoc Research piece for Nigeria Ministry of Health

A lot of people don’t see the need to prioritize the use of hand wash in Nigeria as they believe detergents or other soaps could do the work. Yest & Spoc gathered this and many more habits in its study which was meant to uncover hand wash and sanitization usage and habits.

There are major health benefits in washing our hands with Hand wash to prevent the spread of bacteria. Hand wash is not only meant to be used at home (as 95% hand wash users currently use it at home). It should also be encouraged to be used in the office, schools and public rest rooms.

Dettol in time past is well known to be a disinfectant and its hand wash brand is very effective in this case. It has also been associated to being “A brand that’s gentle on skin” and “A brand that lathers well”.

Other most often used hand wash are Mama Lemon, Carex and Beauty. Fragrance is a key choice driver in selecting a brand of hand wash to use.

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