Excuse me!! Your home is filled with Germs says Yest & Spoc Nigeria

In time past, Nigerians have been using detergents which does not kill germs for surface cleaning and it is worthy to note that one can also be exposed to illness causing germs at our homes. Promotion of hygiene practice across various forms (personal, environmental & surface) is very important and cannot be overemphasized.
From research study conducted by Yest&Spoc Nigeria, a market research organization in Nigeria. it was gathered that surface cleaners are regarded as a household domestic product with 9 out of 10 consumers using it within a period not more than 10 years. This may not be too far from the traditional use of detergents, ordinary water, bar soaps, plain rags / mop stick in getting the job done.
Dettol surface cleaner is the most often used in Kano and PHC region. Many consumers find it very easy adopting morning fresh surface cleaner due to the reputation from its dish wash product. Both Dettol and Morning Fresh Surface cleaner are strong brands in this category. Other brands which are noticeable in this category are purell, flash, Cleenol and Lemi-Shine which are mostly patronized by the lower class/bottom of the pyramid consumers. Introduction of a surface cleaner in sachet packaging could be a winning strategy for brands within this category.

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