Those days of Kerosene usage for tough stains are over says Yest & Spoc Market Research experts in Nigeria.

Bleaching liquid is used to remove tough stains and these liquid could sometimes mar the texture of clothes.

From Yest & Spoc market research perspective, JIK was known to dominate this market until Hypo took the leading position with its smaller variants in sachet and Hypo Go Wipe O communication campaign. Consumers sometimes use it as a surface and toilet cleaner as it does not only remove tough stains on clothes and surfaces but also kills germs and does not react with the skin.

Hypo is an affordable disinfectant which comes in bottle and sachet. Interesting to know that 50% consumers prefer to buy bleaching liquid in sachet which was championed by the Hypo Brand.

This is a document of Yest & Spoc Nigeria, a market research company in Nigeria that monitors the pulse of the market and advises clients on winning strategies.

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