Research in Nigeria can’t stop talking about open defecation.

We cannot deny the fact that toilet use is an important part of our daily lifestyle. More effort should be directed towards keeping it clean. Kudos to the Nigerian government for educating citizens on dangers of open defecation. This has led to an ongoing shift towards flush toilet in Nigeria with toilet cleaners benefiting from this shift. Toilet cleaning is a task that gets postponed but needs to be done regularly. A dirty toilet smells bad, breed germs which pose threat to human health.

In time past, Izal was a popular toilet cleaner but was soon benched by other products due to its smell which some people find irritating.

Awareness of toilet cleaners has increased within the last few years, this could be associated to increase in sanitation advocacy in recent years. Harpic is a vibrant brand in this market category with good advertising. Due to availability and affordability, people now make use of bleaching agent like hypo and scouring powder like VIM to clean their toilets. An affordable toilet cleaner with trace quality of a scouring powder and a bleaching agent could be the game changer in the toilet cleaning category.

This communication is as a result of the internal findings of Yest & Spoc, a strategy, advisory and market research company based out of Lagos in Nigeria.

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