Market research in Nigeria discovers Who the King is, in the Detergent market?

In most households, detergent represents a cleaning substance for laundry, dishes, and other surfaces. Originally detergents, both liquid and powdered were made specifically for laundry but now used for multiple purposes.

A quick look into this market shows that consumers are becoming refined placing more emphasis on detergents with bleaching properties, not sensitive to skin, dissolves easily in water and lathers well. Majority purchase detergents from open market due to varieties available.

It is a traditional laundry habit that clothes are soaked in water and detergent for a while before washing to remove tough stains. Yest & Spoc, a Nigerian market research firm gathered that Ariel currently leads the pack in the detergents market with So Kiln, Sunlight and Omo also amongst the top brands that are doing very well in this category.

However, this market is being flooded with various brands which makes it difficult for consumers to stay loyal to a brand especially within the mass market that prioritize price and affordability.

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