NIGERIA AND GREEN TEA ROMANCE: Not more than 10 Years from Yest & Spoc Market Research study findings in Nigeria

These Tea drinks don’t work. They are overrated.

With a penetration period of not more than 10 years, Yest & Spoc gathered that Lipton Green Tea has proven itself to be the dominant player in the Nigerian green tea category than the perceived imported brands flooding the market.

Green tea is used mostly in Nigeria by obese people trying to lose weight. Lipton green tea is the most used (53%) across all localities in Nigeria as it is considered “a reputable brand”. Although there are various green tea brands, people prefer those brands with ginger and lemon flavors as it is the case for the imported brands. This is because these flavors are considered to be more effective than others.

However it is high time people stop associating green tea to weight loss and start seeing its other advantages like how it helps maintain stable blood sugar level in people with diabetes, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. It also reduces the effect of a high-fat diet. A more detailed finding is contained in the full report.

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