Our Approach

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

It is hard to imagine your day without FMCG products. These products meet our day to day requirement. It does not include only grocery items alone, but also includes packaged food stuff, dairy items, confectionery products, cosmetics, personal care items, electronic goods like cell phone, laptop etc. On an average people spend a big part of their monthly income on FMCG products.

Telecom & Technology

An assessment of how media impacts brand as well as influences consumer behaviour is key to our success journey This is why we have considered the use of specific media and communication tools targeted at generating the required buzz created from media and its main channel of occurrence which is online. We assist clients in. Optimising its media investment by thoroughly understanding the media landscape. We also Benchmark our results against local competition and specific industry where possible which serve as a means of measuring the performance of client’s media and creative agencies.

Generation of credible data for effective media decision making and campaign learnings and Measurement of campaign performance and ROI across all major media channels including sponsorship. This performance indices will be triangulated with research metrics as well as internal inputs, e.g. Frequency of flighting, spend, SOV, etc

Government & NGOs

Fortuna Features a highly customized version of Visual Composer – one of the best visual builder plugins out there. It helps you create highly customizable, sophisticated page elements with just the click of a few buttons. We created around 30 custom shortcodes that have so many customization options that will blow your mind.

360° Business Model Planning

It is widely believed that the average life span of start up businesses is only five years. According to (SMEDAN) Nigeria, 80% of SMEs die before their 5th anniversary. Factors responsible for these reported untimely close-ups are TAX RELATED ISSUES, ranging from multiple taxations to enormous tax burdens etc.
However, the Small Business Administration United States of America (SBA) claims that more than 50% of new businesses will disappear in the first 5years.” However, according to an August 2009 Business Daily Article – Poor practices lead to high SME mortality: “poor management and a shortage of funds have been identified as the main cause of start-up deaths globally.” It is recommended that training be provided for all SME entrepreneurs to prepare them for the road ahead and the challenges and crisis that they will inevitable meet along the way

What we do @ Yest & Spoc is to begin the planning of your business with you from the ideas creation stage by Co-creating with your ideas to form a unique advantage. We will consider all the required indices capable of making your business plan a success by developing an easy comprehensible model customized for YOU and only YOU.

People & Environment

Forming the main part of credible organizations is the people and culture of the work process smooth business process. Environment is also a key factor to the business process that result in success or failure for a company. We collaborate with our clients in ensuring they maintain a high standard people environment through TRAINING. On specific request and relationship with our client, we ensure we assist our client in staying updated with current Marketing and Research skills so as to enjoy a seamless understanding of the work process.

Market Intelligence

Keeping up to date with the events, trends and information of specific markets and making use of these current events and happenings to make meaningful analysis are part of the key task of our market intelligence experts at Yest & Spoc.

Currently our team of experts leverage on social media monitoring and available data from government agencies to make a robust representative interpretation to our insights generation.

We provide integrated, market research and strategy services. Our Advisory services not limited to these covers.

Digital Media Evaluation across verticals

A lot has changed for communications over the years in the engagement and interactions among brands taking a different shape than the usual traditional mode. Consumers are becoming very easy to reach and the role of digital keeps becoming more and more important.

The main focus for brands has now skewed to determining and maximizing the budget for digital communications.  With the consumer spending more time on the digital channels, which are mobile, brands are saddled with the responsibilities of maintaining its competitive edge through applying appropriate communication and engagement tools to stay ahead of competition.

At Yest and Spoc, we guide our clients towards the right direction of evaluating the effectiveness of its current digital advertising campaign,  and build understanding of best channels that provide the highest return on investment whilst also measuring the impact of the campaigns on set campaign and marketing objectives.